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Our youth ministry exists to…


EXPOSE young people to God’s love (evangelism)

“Go and make disciples” Matt. 28:19

EQUIP them (discipleship)

“Teaching them to obey” Matt. 28:20

EXALT God (worship)

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart…

all your soul…all your mind” Matt. 22:37

ENJOY fellowship and communication with other believers (fellowship)

“Baptizing them” Matt. 28:19

(identifying them with Christ and His church)

EXPERIENCE the work of God (ministry)

“Love your neighbor as yourself” Matt. 22:39

Our youth ministry exists

to EXPOSE young people to God’s love,

to EQUIP them to EXALT God,

ENJOY fellowship with other believers,


EXPERIENCE the work of the God in their lives.

This will result in a generation of men and women of faith being raised up.

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Mark Gavelovskyy  (916)872-7502

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