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Women's Ministry

Women’s Ministries at New Hope Church exists to inspire, equip, support, and disciple women to live in God’s purpose. We can only accomplish this by creating opportunities and resources for women to discover their gifts and be empowered to fulfill God’s purpose.


Our desire is to encourage every woman in her journey,

and to provide meaningful opportunities for discipleship.



We gather to connect in prayer once a month; raising up our needs, remembering about our church, weeping for our children. We support each other in times of tribulations. We enjoy having a fellowship when each woman can share how God works in her life at home or work. Praising and worshiping our Father Lord Jesus is an essential part of our meetings and ministry. Lastly, we can’t go by with out a cup of coffee and a room full of laughter and joy.




Become A Part of Us


Olga Melnichuk

(916) 220-8841 

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